Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We do what we do because we are passionate about the business of Australian agriculture and believe it is an industry that is both vital to Australia’s future and rich in opportunity. We are motivated by Our Purpose to:

Transform Australian Agriculture

Generate a positive impact for the communities and regions in which we invest

Create wealth for our investors

About Us

goFARM is an Australian agricultural investor, developer and investment manager focused on delivering our purpose. 

goFARM invests in agricultural projects where underutilised or undercapitalised assets can be transformed to highest and best use through land use change, asset reconfiguration and productivity improvement through the investment in people and the prudent application of capital, infrastructure, technology, and scale.

At present, goFARM manages a significant land and water asset base across Southern Australia comprising approximately 70,000 hectares of prime agricultural and horticultural land being either operated as or suitable for grains, oilseeds and pulses, citrus, wine grapes and tree nut crops, which is all supported by a significant and diversified water entitlement portfolio.