Safeguarding our environment

We believe in agriculture that helps people and planet thrive.

goFARM makes active and ongoing efforts to protect and enhance Australia’s natural capital, build sustainable farming systems and deliver a positive impact for our stakeholders and the communities where we operate.

At goFARM, we believe that actively investing in sustainability enables outperformance and creates economic value. Above all though, it’s the right thing to do!

The numbers tell the story.

The identification, capture and assessment of our environmental achievements is fundamental to the ongoing development and sustainability of our assets. goFARM takes pride in our ability to deliver positive results for the environment.

> 13,000 HA

set aside of bio-conservation

> 20,000 HA

brought into no-till farming

> 7,000

soil pits dug to inform regeneration strategies

7,000 KM

of irrigation drip tube installed

We grow with purpose.

goFARM supports a plant-based approach to investing. We invest in growing high-value, healthy, nutritious Australian food crops for both the domestic and export market. Several of our strategies focus on growing plant-based protein sources such as legumes and tree nuts.


We implement no till farming practices in order to promote soil carbon, enhance soil structure and increase the overall efficiency and sustainability of our farming systems.

We avoid burning crop residues in order to conserve carbon and nutrients and improve soil biology.

Significant investments have been made to improve soil health and productivity across our properties. We carry out extensive soil surveying to inform ongoing soil amelioration strategies.

Our systems use highly efficient irrigation technologies, including subsoil drip irrigation. We also capture and reuse drainage water on-farm.


We maintain a conservation covenant to provide habit for endangered plains-wanderer bird species.

We actively manage feral animal populations including feral goats in order to in order to promote remnent vegetation regrowth and to optimise crop production.

Our groundwater extraction is regulated and recorded to ensure sustainable aquifer recharge.

Natural Capital

We promote the biodiversity of our ecosystems by devoting land to conservation. 12,252ha of land has been set aside for conservation purposes at one of our properties.

We use water and land management practices that protect floodplains and riparian vegetation to support sustainable catchments. Soil fertilisers and herbicides are also responsibly applied to ensure watershed protection.

We recognise the multiple economic and environmental benefits of increasing carbon stocks in soils and vegetation, and so our farming systems improve soil to promote the soil’s water-holding capacity, biology, and crop productivity.

At the core of our purpose is a commitment to transform Australian agriculture. Our focus on environmental and social sustainability allows us to create robust, long-term investments that leave a positive legacy.

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We invest with a focus on scalability, productivity and sustainability.

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