Investing With Purpose

Underpinned by in-house research expertise and prudent capital allocation, we maximise returns through asset transformation, delivering wealth for our investors and generating impact in Australian agriculture.

Wherever We Go, We’re Making Tracks

GO.FARM brings a wealth of expertise partnering with private investors and institutional capital to develop and manage investment-grade agricultural assets. Our strategic initiatives have yielded significant returns, contributing to the growth and sustainability of Australian agriculture.

Our Investment Capabilities


Australia’s agricultural industry is characterised by a significant undersupply of investment-grade assets, while global demand for healthy, nutritious food continues to grow.

Our expertise is in high value plant-based production, including horticulture (nuts, berries and citrus) and annual cropping (grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables).


Water is paramount to agricultural production and an enabler for transformation of land and production systems.

Since we began, GO.FARM has been responsibly acquiring and managing water, and developing expertise in its usage, its value and the optionality it delivers to agriculture.

This practical experience has enabled GO.FARM to build a deep capability in managing both surface water and groundwater across Australia.

Natural Capital

GO.FARM is committed to protecting and enhancing our natural capital, building sustainable farming systems and making a positive impact in the communities in which we invest and operate.

We actively engage our people to identify and implement opportunities that reduce our environmental footprint across soils, carbon, water and vegetation.