A Safety First Mindset

Providing a safe and supportive environment for its people to thrive is a critical focus for GO.FARM.
By prioritising the mental and physical wellbeing of its team, GO.FARM creates a sustainable, efficient and productive workplace where its people know they are respected and cared for.

GO.FARM achieves this through the delivery of:

A culture that is led with a safety-first mindset, championed at all levels of the organisation and lead from the top down

The implementation of SafeAg Systems to provide clear and accurate reporting frameworks which focuses on best-in-class workplace safety practices

Mental health programs, training and support that address awareness, proactive management and clinical care for all team members

Wellbeing initiatives such as annual skin checks, flu vaccines, hearing and eye tests

The provision of all uniform and safety equipment

Recognition and rewards for demonstrating a safety first mindset