Eurambeen Station



Eurambeen Station and Grandview are two significant holdings Victoria’s Western District – a high rainfall and premium cropping region. The properties will be transitioned from a mixed farming enterprise (livestock and cropping) into specialised cropping, with a focus on best of class management, agronomy and investments in soil fertility, drainage, and infrastructure.


Productivity Gains

Identified opportunities to substantially improve land productivity through investments in paddock reconfiguration, drainage, and target soil amelioration activities.


Close to major regional centres including Ballarat and have access to the Western Highway– a key freight corridor linking Melbourne, Ballarat, and South Australia.

Renewables Optionality

Adjacent to existing large-scale windfarms and have to potential to benefit from the nearby installation of the Western Renewables Link (500kV transmission line) that is forecast to unlock significant capacity for renewable energy projects.



total area

2,470 ha

arable cropping land

790 ML

in water entitlements


650 mm+

annual rainfall zone


Our Transformation

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